Mammoth Lakes - California


I am lucky enough to be on a end of the summer trip to Calfornia and while winding down and rendering photos, I just had to get a couple of these up to share with you all. It is absolutely stunning up here. The drive in was breathtaking and the weather this time of year is just spot on. I went for a post dinner adventure before calling it a night and I was able to get some beautiful shots of Lake Mary.


Timing was perfect: I was able to get out on the shores of the water just as the sunset was breaking over one mountain peak and reflecting on the other.


And even though I am terrible with back lit photos, I was in awe of how this photo came out. I had the greatest time watching these two gentlemen canoe around the lake and stopping to take the occasional selfie.

Tomorrow I have decided to go to Yosemite and see what kind of scenes I can all see within a day. From one adventure to the next, I can’t wait to share with you all.