Yosemite National Park

What a perfect day! The weather was great, the sun was shining and we got some amazing shots. This area has stolen a piece of my heart and I have already decided that this will not be the last time I come to the area.


It’s hard to describe as anything except breathtaking. Between the weather, rivers, waterfalls, and valleys there is always something new to see. As a gentleman said to me at a look out point, “You are looking one way and taking a photo, and then you turn and look up and you have a whole other shot. Every way you turn its beautiful.”.


If I were to give any advice towards traveling to Yosemite National Park, it would definitely be that you need more than a full day to do the best of the park. There is honestly so much to see and not enough daylight in a day to do it all. With our limited time and lack of a see it all plan, we only got to see Yosemite Valley and Glacier Point.


As the summer comes to a close and I look back at the beautiful photos I have taken, I remember that every moment can be beautiful and every moment should be appreciated. I hope that as I continue into the fall and into a new semester of college I can continue to capture beautiful moments with even more beautiful people.

Stay tuned! I promise in the very near future there will be another post with a recap and more photos from the last few months and update on some plans for the fall.

Until next time - Samantha