Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by and checking out our “work”. Being able to take the time to travel, explore, and have fun on a regular basis and having friends to help document these amazing experiences has been the greatest blessing. I am Samantha, and usually the idiot slipping, tripping, and screaming behind the camera. With no real skill and a lot hope, I think we have been able to capture a lot of great moments.



When we have to start googling things because we cant figure out how to change anything with our settings and website, we call Allison. Samantha also forces her to be a stand in model all the time. She hates it.

Love you Alli! <3



Our personal go to handy man - Ryan takes care of anything that requires getting your hands dirty and grabbing things off the top shelf. He also takes care of adventure planning.

You’re the bomb.com Ryan :)



Our very own drone pilot! Jairus is the newest member to our team and has given us the aerial perspective we have been looking for. When compiling portfolios, we are able to get so many different perspectives added now that Jairus comes along.

Welcome to the team Jair!