Yosemite National Park

What a perfect day! The weather was great, the sun was shining and we got some amazing shots. This area has stolen a piece of my heart and I have already decided that this will not be the last time I come to the area.


It’s hard to describe as anything except breathtaking. Between the weather, rivers, waterfalls, and valleys there is always something new to see. As a gentleman said to me at a look out point, “You are looking one way and taking a photo, and then you turn and look up and you have a whole other shot. Every way you turn its beautiful.”.


If I were to give any advice towards traveling to Yosemite National Park, it would definitely be that you need more than a full day to do the best of the park. There is honestly so much to see and not enough daylight in a day to do it all. With our limited time and lack of a see it all plan, we only got to see Yosemite Valley and Glacier Point.


As the summer comes to a close and I look back at the beautiful photos I have taken, I remember that every moment can be beautiful and every moment should be appreciated. I hope that as I continue into the fall and into a new semester of college I can continue to capture beautiful moments with even more beautiful people.

Stay tuned! I promise in the very near future there will be another post with a recap and more photos from the last few months and update on some plans for the fall.

Until next time - Samantha

Mammoth Lakes - California


I am lucky enough to be on a end of the summer trip to Calfornia and while winding down and rendering photos, I just had to get a couple of these up to share with you all. It is absolutely stunning up here. The drive in was breathtaking and the weather this time of year is just spot on. I went for a post dinner adventure before calling it a night and I was able to get some beautiful shots of Lake Mary.


Timing was perfect: I was able to get out on the shores of the water just as the sunset was breaking over one mountain peak and reflecting on the other.


And even though I am terrible with back lit photos, I was in awe of how this photo came out. I had the greatest time watching these two gentlemen canoe around the lake and stopping to take the occasional selfie.

Tomorrow I have decided to go to Yosemite and see what kind of scenes I can all see within a day. From one adventure to the next, I can’t wait to share with you all.

Let's Go Yakin'


Being on water probably isn’t my best skill but it is definitely one of Ryan’s strenghts. He’s a fish… There’s no doubt in my mind that in his last life, Ryan was a merman. 🧜‍♂️ I knew I was going to have to get much better at it being on the water as Ryan and I became good friends because the kid could spend every free moment he has on some form of water. I was lucky enough to be able to gift Ryan a kayak for his birthday, with the hopes that he would help me catch a fish bigger than the size of my hand.

You see this all stems from a promise that was made over this past winter, where while ice fishing with Ryan, he helped me catch my first fish. Unfortunately it was only the size of a Reese’s peanut butter cup. See photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/BupPGBHFgfD/. After being out in what felt like Antarctic weather for the better part of a day and only catching this one fish, Ryan said that before we went back to college in the fall, he would try and help me catch something bigger than my hand. 🖐 So let’s go yakin!

A question that I got often after featured on the Nucanoe instagram story was: What color is that kayak? Bulldog Red! I was lucky enough to be able to snag Ryan a limited edition Frontier 12 in Bulldog! Being as I often am timid about going on the kayak I have become Ryan’s official photographer of adventure in action… Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

Living in Wisconsin we are fortunate enough to live by various bodies of water, and we have been able to change the set ups of the kayak to fit our needs for each adventure. I will be writting a full review post on the kayak soon! But until then, below are some of the really cool shots I captured over the last few weeks of us testing out different waters, and set ups. If you are interested in seeing more, please see our Adventures with Ryan gallery.

On the Sheboygan River - River Park, Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin.

On the Sheboygan River - River Park, Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin.

Gerber Lake, Sheboygan County - Photo by: Jairus Gallimore

Gerber Lake, Sheboygan County - Photo by: Jairus Gallimore

Lake Michigan/Pigeon River

Lake Michigan/Pigeon River